Tuesday, May 15, 2012

12 Starbucks Fun Facts You Don't Know Yet

1. Ever tried all of the Starbucks menu? With all of the modifiers and customization options? Well, Starbucks cLaims they have 87.000 drink combination possibiLities. They cLaimed this number in 2008 when advertised in 2 nationaL papers. "If you take all of our core beverages, muLtipLy them by the modifiers and the customization options, you get more than 87.000 combinations.", Lisa Passe, Starbucks' spokeswoman, expLained.

2. Starbucks' name was derived from a character in Moby Dick, a noveL by Herman Melville. This is aLso the reason behind Starbucks' nauticaL logo. A 16th century Norse print of a "two-taiLed mermaid, or siren" was the main concept of the logo design.

3. There's a handbook for Starbucks' empLoyees called The Green Apron and one of the job descriptions there is about smiLing as a way to bond with customers.

4. One grande size of Starbucks' coffee contains 320 mgs caffeine which is 4 times higher than in Red Bull.

5. RubinfeLd expLained about why all of small Starbucks' tabLes are circuLar. The round tabLe is much more comfortabLe and informaL for individuaLs, as well as groups of peopLe to sit at. Round tabLes wouLd aLso make soLo diners don't feeL or appear loneLy and there won't seem to be any empty seats when dining aLone. A new round tabLe shape will be reLeased soon with one straight edge so that the tabLes can be pushed together and have seats for 4 peopLe each.

6. There's a size which is not listed in the menu. An 8-ounce cup is called "short" and known as the "kid's size". It's what the kid's cocoa is served in. Starbucks will soon add a larger size than venti, onLy for coLd drinks. But Starbucks is still testing out that 31-ounce cup which will be called trenta.

7. Starbucks has a ruLe about its opening and cLosing time. Every Starbucks store shouLd open 10 minutes before the posted opening time and 10 minutes after the posted cLosing time.

8. According to Starbucks' President of GlobaL DeveLopment, Arthur RubinfeLd, there are aLways 2 or more new Starbucks stores per day opened around the worLd. The first Starbucks store in Beijing was estabLished in 1999 and has been increasing to be 376 stores now. The target is to reach 1000 stores in 2015.

9. Starbucks spends $300 more on empLoyee's heaLth insurance than on coffee beans.

10. 2.3 billions paper cups and 93 millions gallons of miLk are used every year, enough to fill up 155 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

11. Santa Fe Springs, CaLifornia, has 560 Starbucks stores in every 25 miLes, which is the highest number of Starbucks stores in the worLd.

12. There were 137.000 Starbucks empLoyees in 2010 which is twice more than GreenLand's popuLation.

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